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Title: Sometimes
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: The Doctor, a female companion (doesn't matter which one, really... could be Donna, though)
Words: ~200
Genre: (poetry) gen, drama
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, sadly.
A/N: My first DW fanfic and also my first fanfic in English, so please bear with me if I made any stupid mistakes. ;)
It turned out rather poetry...ish, which is a funny thing because I don't even like poetry. - Oh, well... xD

Und noch mal ein paar Worte auf Deutsch:
Yay~! Nach mehr als zehn Monaten Rumprobieren habe ich es endlich geschafft, etwas zu dieser Serie zu schreiben. xD
Es ist dramatischer, als ursprünglich geplant, aber der Doctor ist so eine tragische Figur, dass ich irgendwie nichts anderes als Drama dazu schreiben kann, ich weiß auch nicht. .__.
Nun ja.


Sometimes, she looks at him and wonders
How he can go on
The way he does

How he can face every day with a smile
When whole planets go to war
Because of him,
How he can stay calm
When worlds fall apart
Because of him,
How he can be so cold
When she's terrified of the things he does
And just wants someone to hold her,
How he can't even shed a tear
When people he promised to protect
Are dying.

Sometimes she wonders
How he can stand looking at himself in the mirror
Without turning away in disgust

Even if she knows deep inside
That he always wants to save them all,
Even if she knows
That he makes the decisions no one else wants to make,
Even if she knows
That he doesn't love the life he lives
But just can't stand to watch others suffer,
Even if she knows
That sometimes
He's afraid, too.

And after months of travelling
Through time and space
And saving planets
And rescueing civilizations
She finally realizes that
If he ever stopped – or even stayed – and looked back
On all the wonderful and horrible things he has done
He just couldn't go on
The way he does.

And she's glad he doesn't.

Tags: angst, doctor who, english, fanfiction, gen, poetry

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